A Thousand Tears

5 years ago, a group of dedicated filmmakers embarked on a remarkable journey – a journey to capture the essence of three extraordinary individuals: a teacher, a lawyer, and a soldier. These brave souls, driven by a profound sense of duty and love for their country, made incredible sacrifices in the name of freedom.

Their stories are not just tales of valor; they are living testaments to the indomitable spirit of the Filipino people. However, as time marches on, the memories of these unsung heroes are at risk of fading away from the public eye, lost in the sands of time.

But we have a unique opportunity to change that, to ensure that the legacy of these remarkable individuals endures for generations to come. We can breathe new life into their stories, their sacrifices, and their ultimate sacrifice – their lives.

Picture this: a young Filipina named Fides Cuyugan-Asensio, moved by the tales of these exceptional heroes, goes on to become a National Artist for Music. Her journey was shaped by the invincible spirit of Josefa Llanes-Escoda, who laid the foundation for the Girl Scouts of the Philippines. It was guided by the principles of justice and integrity embodied by Jose Abad Santos during his tenure as Chief Justice. And it was inspired by the bravery and dedication of Vicente Lim, the first Filipino to graduate from West Point.

To make this vision a reality, we need your support. We are launching a fundraising campaign to produce a powerful and evocative film that will not only pay homage to these luminaries but also ignite a renewed sense of patriotism, selflessness, and service in the hearts of every Filipino.

Your contribution is not merely a donation; it's a pledge to ensure that the stories of these heroes remain etched in the annals of Philippine history.

Donate today and stand with us in safeguarding the legacy of Josefa Llanes-Escoda, Jose Abad Santos, and Vicente Lim. Your support will ensure that their stories shine as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come. Thank you for being a part of this important mission!